Chairman Chandi Reflects on Harold Matzner’s Legacy as Film Festival Chairman for 24 Years

The morning after the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala, Variety held their annual Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch Brunch. The Desert Sun interviewed the Festival’s new Chairman Nachhattar Singh Chandi about Immediate Past Chairman Harold Matzner.

Watch the heartwarming interview or read the transcript below. The feeling’s mutual, Chandi!

Chandi: One of my best moments [of the Awards Gala] was Harold… to make him proud. He built this festival- 24 years. When we talk about 24 years, it’s a long way. The amount of time he put in- there’s no measure!   Also, the money he funded to this festival and the way he connected with the people here. He had that confidence and that faith in me, bringing me on as the Chairman,

I’m looking forward to making this very powerful and successful because this is our Palm Springs. Today, we’re here as part of the IHG and Variety’s event. I’m looking forward to connecting with people and building a stronger brand.

Interviewer: I was inside [the Awards Gala] when I heard your speech honoring each other and everyone giving [Harold Matzner] a standing ovation while passing the reins onto you. I know it was a very emotional moment for you.

Chandi: I tried to hold my tears for that! Harold is very near and dear to me. We call each other friend and told him many times he’s my godfather. So when they give a standing ovation, it gave me a lot of confidence to build this festival to the next level.

Interviewer:  And Meryl Streep also got a standing ovation, so Harold Matzner and Meryl Streep are in the same company with each other.. and Martin Scorsese!