Harold Matzner and the McCallum Theater Muses

The McCallum Muses Celebrate 35 years and a Record-Breaking Fundraiser

McCallum Chairman Harold Matzner would like to congratulate the Muses & Patroness Circle of
the McCallum Theatre for a stellar 35 years! Happy Anniversary, Ladies! Over the past 35 years,
the Muses & Patronesses Circle has raised over $11 million for the Palm Desert cultural hub.
Did you know that Harold is the only honorary male Muse of the group?

Last month, 300 people gathered for their annual fundraiser, “How Sweet It Is: Celebrating 35
Years of Heart, Soul and Muses.” The event was held at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells and
featured entrances on a pink carpet, cocktails, a silent auction, dinner, informational program,
dancing, and special guest performance.

The evening netted over a half million dollars to support McCallum Theater Education- the
largest fundraiser ever for the Muses and Patronesses Circle! These programs bring arts
education to the Coachella Valley. Many talented students who benefitted from the program
performed during the evening and expressed their gratitude.

During her speech, Muses president June Benson noted that the founding members of the
Circle- including Leonore Annenberg, Betty Ford and Dolores Hope- would be proud.

Photo: David A. Lee for the Desert Sun in 2015.