Palm Springs International Film Festival unveils its 2024 poster- designed by Shag!

This week, we unveiled this year’s stylish poster- designed by Palm Springs art star Shag! This
year’s design is inspired by our desert’s mid-century modern aesthetics, honoring
the festival’s 35th anniversary and iconic desert setting.

Shag said in a statement: “I was inspired by Palm Springs’ history as a sunny winter getaway for
the Hollywood film industry and wanted to represent that with the colorful umbrellas that are
ubiquitous to outdoor living in the city. Under those umbrellas I depicted the sort of glamorous
and talented people that are attracted to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.” 

Lili Rodriguez, artistic director of the Palm Springs International Film Society, added: “For our
35th anniversary, we wanted to capture the perfect blend of Palm Springs charm and film culture. We think Shag’s distinctive, fun style is a natural choice to bring these ideas together. His vision resonates with our Festival’s celebration of storytelling, and we’re thrilled to partner with him!”

The 2024 Palm Springs International Film Festival will take place January 4-15, 2024. Tables,
Seats, and Passes for the Festival and Gala are on sale now. For more information or to
purchase, visit us here.