Muses and Patronesses raise over $450,000 for the McCallum Theater

What a way to end our season!  

At our fabulous Annual On-Stage Birthday Luncheon, the incredible Muse and Patroness Circle presented a check in the amount of $451,770 to support McCallum Theatre Education to McCallum Chairman Harold Matzner and McCallum President & Artistic Director Mitch Gershenfeld. Thank you to each and every Muse and Patroness for your wonderful support you gave us all year long for “Oh, What a Night” and other Muse events!

At the luncheon, we were treated to a wonderful performance by Carrie St. Louis, a prior Open Call winner and now Broadway performer who wowed us all with her talent and charm. 

Harold Matzner and Carrie St. Louis

Carrie St. Louis is a McCallum veteran, former Open Call Grand Prize Winner and Broadway star. She made her triumphant return to the McCallum stage, entertaining our Luncheon guests and regaling us with stories about her amazing career in concert halls across the world and as a vocal coach. She credits the McCallum with getting her started on her journey. She first appeared on our stage at the age of seven! She is a real testament to why we work so hard to raise money for McCallum Theatre Education.

Excited for next year- see you in the fall at the McCallum!