Join us at the 29th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards

As a Major Sponsor, Harold would like to invite you to the 29th annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards (“The Chase”) on March 25th. This is an event close to Harold’s heart–he has sponsored it for many years. 

This year, the DAP Health Equity Award will honor Donna Karan, who has supported several philanthropic efforts for AIDS and cancer research, while the Desert Healthcare District & Foundation CEO Dr. Conrado E. Bárzaga and the organization’s board of directors will be honored with the DAP Health Humanitarian Award for their work in supporting Coachella Valley residents with health care resources, housing, food and other services.

“The Desert Healthcare District & Foundation is the epitome of what the DAP Health Humanitarian Award stands for, and we can think of no organization more deserving to receive this honor,” said DAP Health CEO David Brinkman. “It’s a testament to leadership shown by Dr. Conrado E. Bárzaga and the board during both the COVID-19 and mpox crises. It allowed our organization to make an enormous impact on the lives of valley residents.”

The Chase has raised millions of dollars for direct client services at DAP Health and will be held at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Tickets are available at

Photo credit: Tony Marchese and Harold Matzner at The Chase in 2018. Gregg Felsen, Special to the Desert Sun