Harold Matzner Joins the Muses and Patroness Circle of McCallum Theatre for “Muses in Wonderland”

In late April, Harold Matzner joined the Muses and Patroness Circle of McCallum Theatre for their 35th Annual On-Stage Birthday Luncheon. In appreciation for his 16 years of service as Chairman, the Muses made Harold an honorary Muse and presented him with a pair of gold shoes, which he treasures. This year’s theme was of “Muses in Wonderland,” as evident in these wonderful photos from the event.

Outgoing Muses President June Benson and this year’s fundraising chairs, Dykema and Rosalind Hack, presented a check to McCallum Board Chairperson Garry Kief, Immediate Past Chairperson Harold Matzner, and McCallum President, CEO, and Artistic Director Mitch Gershenfeld. The Muses and Patronesses Circle raised a $802,250- a new record high since the event started in 1989. 

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for that amazing check,” Gershenfeld told The Coachella Valley Independent. “You have made history here today. This check is the largest one ever presented by the Muses and brings the total cumulative giving by the Muses to support McCallum Theatre Education to well over $11 million. That is just an astonishing figure.”

Kief, the new Chairman, continued: “The Muses and Patroness Circle of McCallum Theatre is without a doubt one of the most remarkable, most talented, most creative, most generous and most successful volunteer leadership groups, not only here in the valley, but I would honestly say in the country and that is no exaggeration.”

After 17 years of service, Harold Matzner recently announced his retirement as Chairman of the McCallum Theater. Harold will continue to work with the theater as needed and looks forward to attending as a spectator. He will remain as an active member of the McCallum Board of Trustees and Executive Committee.

Tickets for the McCallum’s 2023-4 Season are on sale now. See you at the theater!